General How-Tos

# 1 > Books graph into italics

To have books paragraph have italics
-> find the book -> 3-Middle -> click settings on the element 'text' change to 'general'

# 2 > Books status

On each book there is a status that can be added to add info about that book 
-> Find your book
-> Location: 3-Left
-> Element: status

If it doesn't exist simply create a 'textfield' element

any text added here will appear in a nice blue colour connected to the book thumbnail on both the books (overall page) and the book (specific page)

# 3 > Create book file

To add the PDF of the ebooks

Navigate to the book
Click on 3-Buy
Create element

One of the following (notice the _ underscore / all small very important)

Type is File
-> upload

Type is File
-> upload

Type is File
-> upload

# 4 > French books

To create a french book, simply DUPLICATE a FRENCH book.
-> then change the content (text / images)

The logic behind how this works:
- English books have english elements
- French books have french elements,

If you had a book you wanted on both languages you would just add elements in both languages,
-> Or you could 'copy to FR/ copy to EN' from the elements you already have

but you will notice that when you look at a french book all the elements are just with one lang,

# 5 > Download books

After a user pays for a book they will automatically get an email after the transaction is approved with a download link.

There is also a MASTER key, that let's you download any book. Simply click on the download link on the website and then enter this key
Do not give this key to customers but this allows to download any book from the website.