Social -> How to use the RSS feeds

This goes through the steps how to import your RSS feeds into updateCase. 

This allows you to quickly modify your existing posts and post to your social network.

# 1 > Settings

To manage your RSS feeds, first navigate to settings on the SOCIAL -> home screen

# 2 > RSS

Click on the RSS tab
-> Then click the link 'Manage Feeds'

# 3 > Add

To add a new feed
-> Click 'Add new'

To edit a already added feed click EDIT

To delete a feed click DELETE

# 4 > Setup

The only required fields are:

NAME: This is for you to distinguish between all your fields
URL: This is the RSS field url; you can copy and paste from the website

# 5 > Using

Now when you are posting to your social media
-> You will notice a blue button at the bottom: Click to view all the RSS fields
-> Then you can scroll through all the feeds that exist
-> Click 'Import this text' to put the text and link from the RSS into your window
-> You can now edit the content to make it unique to you
-> When you are done and all looks good you and POST