Learn how to setup LinkedIN on UpdateCase.com
-> Great way to publish your social media posts using our centralized / organized software. 

# 1 > Settings

From the home screen
-> Click on settings

# 2 > Add

Click ADD
-> to start the add account

# 3 > Fill-in

Fill-in the required info
-> To create a new account

Name: This is an internal name which is used for your to identify which account this is
Network: Use the drop down to select 'LinkedIn'
Click SAVE

# 4 > ADDED

The LinkedIN is now added
-> Now you need to authenticate the account
-> Click 'authenticate'

# 5 > APPROVE permissions

Linked IN now will display a confirmation that you are adding this app to your LinkedIN profile.

-> Accept the permissions and continue

# 6 > Added

You are now setup for the 'Personal' LinkedIN account

However we need to upgrade our account to use your COMPANY page. 

-> Click EDIT

# 7 > Choose PAGE

Choose the dropdown and change to indicate your company page.

# 8 > Company setup

Notice your company name is now indicated 
-> Your account is now setup to use your company page.