Add Videos

Add videos to your website using an 'embed' from sites such as Youtube or Vimeo.


# 1 > Get Embed Code

While viewing your video on Youtube click the 'share' button (1)
Then click on embed (2)
And finally copy the text from the box (3)

# 2 > Vimeo Embed

If you want to use a Vimeo video, simple (1) click the paper airplane and then (2) copy the code from the 'embed' box.

# 3 > Select location

First place your mouse at the location you want the video to appear (1)
Then click on the top bar insert (2) and finally click insert video (3)

# 4 > Paste the code

First click on the top tab 'embed' (1)
And then paste into the box the 'embed code' which you copied from youtube or vimeo or another video site (2)
Then click 'ok'

# 5 > Preview

The video is now in the page in preview mode to ensure the location is correct.
Click 'SAVE' at the bottom to save the changes.