Install PhpStorm

Setup PHP storm to edit PHP files for your UpdateCase.com website 

# 1 > Get installer and start project

Go to https://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/specials/phpstorm/phpstorm.html?&gclid=CJve8_LLxs4CFUEehgodaoMANQ&gclsrc=aw.ds.ds&dclid=CIyKivPLxs4CFdgONwodO44LkQ

Download and install. Upon installation it will ask you either try it for 30 days or to subscribe for a licence.

When installation is complete, start the application and on the options menu, select "Check out from Version Control" and select "GitHub"

# 2 > Get remote project

In “Git Repository URL”: Enter the Github URL from which to get your project (ex: https://github.com/sacha-lewis/nova-assure.git)

In “Parent Directory” : Enter the parent directory of your project (the folder must already exist and it must be in the “Document Root” chosen in MAMP preferences, open MAMP to see)

Write the directory name of you project name, the project you pull from GIT will be downloaded there.

Click "Clone"