Setup CakePHP website with Docker on AWS VPS

Using UpdateCase you can launch your website on AWS using Docker. 
-> Docker is a great modular system 
-> Ease the update schedule
-> Allows to test on your local machine the same structure as you will launch

# 1 > AWS: Launch instance

First login to your AWS account
-> click on Instances
-> Click Launch instance

# 2 > AWS: choose type

Choose the most recent ubuntu system
-> In this case we are using ubuntu 16.04

# 3 > AWS: choose power

Depending on your website, choose the website family that suits your needs
-> Small websites that have small customer base you can choose a lower value
-> If you have a large site with many visitors choose larger
-> If you have a database that processes a lot of data you will need a larger version

Click 'Review and launch'

NOTE: If you have advanced requirements you can click 'Configure instance details' and tailor the system to your needs 

# 4 > AWS:Review

You will now confirm all the settings
-> If you need to modify anything simply click on the links to modify

# 5 > AWS: SSH

Aws features a way to keep a SSH key on the server so when you create new servers you can simply assign the new server to a pre-configured SSH key
-> In our example we simply 'select a key pair' from the drop down 

If you have never setup SSH keys you will need to CREATE a SSH key by choosing the dropdown "Choose an existing key pair"

# 6 > AWS: Launching

Your VPS is now being launched
-> click on the link to view the instance and login

# 7 > AWS: Connect

You can now right click on the instance and choose CONNECT
-> Follow the instructions to login

using a termianl window type

ssh -i ".ssh/undologic.pem" ubuntu@ec2.............compute.amazonaws.com

# 8 > Install DOCKER

Follow the instructions on Digital Ocean to install Docker on your server


Install docker-compose (allows to rapid deployement)

sudo apt-get install docker-compose


# 9 > SERVER: Setup files on server

Now that Docker has been installed we can now export our source files to the server
-> Login via SSH

Add the program subversion which will allow to export the files on SVN and GIT

sudo apt-get install subversion

Now we can export our files from our version control
-> Create a directory which you want to use for your files

svn export --force https://svn.undologic.com/updateCase.com/Nova/microsites/trunk/. . --username sacha-lewis