SOCIAL > LinkedIN > How to post

Use UpdateCase to post to your LinkedIN social media account

# 1 > Start

After you have setup your LinkedIN company account to work with UpdateCase
-> You are now ready to post
-> Notice your recent posts are displayed
-> Click on COMPOSE to start

# 2 > Settings

You are now viewing the POST view
-> Checkbox 'LinkedIN' this will ensure you post to LinkedIN
-> Click 'Choose File' if you want to add a image with your post
-> Title: fill in the title that will be posted
-> Description: Add the comment with your post
-> Link: Add a link that will accompany your post

Click SAVE if you want to post LATER
-> When ready click POST

# 3 > POSTED !

After you click 'POST' you will get a message confirming

# 4 > Refresh to see post

Allow several seconds for the post to be accepted by LinkedIN
-> After 20 / 30 seconds refresh and you will see your post in your feed

# 5 > View on LinkedIN

After you post open LinkedIN.com and view your post online