How to move a page between a TAG

UpdateCase uses TAGS to allow to classify a page as a certain type.
-> This is a general way to categorized content - Allowing you to easily change your website without any complicated proceedures. 

See below an example of a property management website that uses 'TAGS' to move properties from Vacant -> Leased
-> In this example each property is a PAGE
-> The page displaying all properties (pages) if the property is TAGGED 'vacancies' it will appear at the top of the list OR if the property (Page) is TAGGED 'isLeased' it will appear at the bottom of the page with a 'Leased' message on top.


# 1 > Public website

This website has all the properties TAGGED as 'Vacancies' appear at the top of the page. 
-> Indicating they are available

# 2 > UpdateCase

Login to UpdateCase and navigate to your pages that are 'vacancies'
-> Click the 'TAG' at the top 'Vacancies'

This will now display all the properties that are vacant
-> Click 'Settings' on the page (eg property) that you want to move FROM vacant TO leased 

# 3 > Move

You are now modifying a page (eg a proprety that is being sold)

Simply uncheck 'Vacancies'
-> AND CHECK 'isLeased'

This will change the display on the public website from available to not available

# 4 > Done

After you 'PUSH'
Notice the public website now displays that the property is now marked 'Leased' and NOT at the top of the list 'Available' anymore.