Files that are downloaded from your website

UpdateCase features a way to add files (eg PDF's) which can be downloaded by your public visitors. 


# 1 > Navigate to page

Navigate to the specific page which has the file to be downloaded

Click on the location for your site
-> Book Excerpts are stored as '3-left'

After you have clicked on the location:
-> If you do NOT see an element 'excerpt' (Click 'create an element')

Otherwise skip ahead to the step '# 3 > Upload'

# 2 > Create (first time only)

Fill in the name: excerpt
-> NOTE ensure it is all small text NO capitals

Change 'Element Field Type'
-> to File

click 'Submit'

# 3 > Upload

You are now ready to upload your new FILE
-> Click 'Choose file' 
-> This will open a popup to file the file on your computer
-> After you have selected the file on your computer click 'Choose'
-> Then click 'Save and approve'

The file will now upload

# 4 > Uploaded

You now see confirmation that you have uploaded your file
-> If you want to test you can click 'Download' to test

Click PUSH to update your LIVE website.