Welcome to your new Email Address

Welcome to your new E-Mail address:



Our email addresses are IMAP meaning your emails are synced between your various devices and computers. 

You have different methods to access your email

Webmail: Allows you to get access quickly and efficiently to your emails from any computer. We don't recommend this for long term use as a real email client is better

iPhone: Follow these instructions to connect your email to your iPhone and interact with your emails on the go

Android: Follow these instructions to connect your email to your Android phone and interact with your emails on the go

GMail: Add your email into Gmail and this allows you to use your new email alongside your gmail. This makes it easier to manage. NOTE: Gmail delays the emails so you can wait up to 15 minutes to receive emails

Desktop: Connect your desktop computer's email client (i.e. Mail on mac, outlook, etc)
Here is your personalized connection info to setup yourself


If you have any other questions let us know so we can setup a call and help you with your installation.

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