Website DEVELOPMENT using PHPstorm

This instruction will explain how to maintain your own website code. You are able to download all the source files from our version control system. Email our support and we will send you access.

# 1 > Create new project from SVN (subversion)

Open PhpStorm

Select “Check out from Version Control” -> “Subversion”

Press on “+” and add the url (https://wush.net/svn/undologic/2016)
• It will ask you for the admin username and password

Develop the setupCase folder and select “trunk”

Press checkout, select your “Workspace” folder, then press OK

Select “Users/admin/Workspace/2016/updateCase/trunk

Select 1.7 format
• Folders will be copied to your computer

Choose “no” when it asks youth schedule the copyright directory for addition to subversion

# 2 > Setup FTP for project

It will open a window to enter the specs of the server. If not, go to Tools->Deployment->Configuration:
• ftpUrlOfTheServer
• Port: usually 21
• username: yourUserName
• password: yourPassword

# 3 > Setup mapping for upload folder

• Go to Mappings thumbnail and add “/dev“ on “deployment path on server «serverName»”, this will force upload to that folder on the server. The folder must exist.
• Press OK

Press “no” when it asks you to add anything to Subversion

# 4 > Upload local files to server project

If you do not see the remote host on the right of the UI: Tools->Deployment->Browse remote host

Select the server name in the top menu

Delete cgi-bin

Right-click on your local root folder and choose “upload”

# 5 > Modify the PHP code

Modify the PHP code in line with your requirements. If you need any help please reach out to our support staff

# 6 > Upload
Now that you have modified your website you can upload the changes to your website

# 7 > Commit your changes
After you are done editing your website, commit your changes back to the source control. This will ensure we have the same source files as you so we can work on the website together.