Change destination EMAIL address

After launch your forms will be setup to be sent to a specific email address (or many emails)
-> These emails can be changed by yourself using UpdateCase APP

# 1 > Login

Login to UpdateCase.com as you normally would. 

# 2 > Contact PAGE

After this module has been installed you will find a location 
-> Form
On the Contact page of your website
-> Click the location 'Form'

# 3 > Element

You will now see a 'element' called 'emails'
-> Click 'edit' so you can change

# 4 > Edit

Click 'Edit live content'
-> You will now see the emails separated by commas

Simply enter the new emails in this box
-> ENSURE you separate each E-MAIL address with a comma

When you are done click 'Save and Approve & PUSH'

# 5 > Updated

In the previous screen if you got a SUCCESS (green bar) you know your website was updated
-> The next time a visitor enters intormation into the form on your website it will now be sent to the new emails you added

NOTE: Ensure you run a test to ensure the change you made was successful and did not cause any issues preventing the email from going out.