Using search to find your content

As you add lots of content into UpdateCase.com it may become hard to find a specific page.
-> Use the search feature to easily find your content / edit / push changes to your website

# 1 > View your website

After you login to UpdateCase.com
-> Click 'Websites' OR click Menu -> Websites
-> Click 'Manage site' on the website you want to use
-> Optionally choose your variant (if you have multiple)
-> You are now viewing your website and all the pages that exist
-> Click top right 'Search'
-> Enter the keyword that will help you find the page you want to edit. It can be a word on any location / element on the page. 

# 2 > Results

You are then presented with every Page / Location / Element that has the search word
-> The preview allows you to quickly ensure you choose the correct page
-> Click the correct location to open and choose your element to edit the content

# 3 > Choose element

You are now viewing all the elements on the location you selected
-> Notice only the elements which have your search term are displayed
-> The other elements that are connected to this location have '- - -' indicating they do NOT have the keyword you searched for

Click 'Edit....' on the location you want to edit

# 4 > Edit

As you normally would edit content using UpdateCase.com
-> Simply click 'Update LIVE content' to start editing your text

# 5 > Edit text

Add your changed text

The save / save and push / save push to test

And you have successfully searched for text using updateCase and modified