SVN - Archive trunk to branches and start new trunk

This explains how to archive the current project in trunk - move to branches
-> then start a new trunk using SVN

# 1 > Choose the destination

Choose the NEW destination

In this case you CLICK on branches
-> But add a new folder with the date

This means you will be moving your trunk to 'branches' / '2019-02-12....'
-> this keeps your branches orgnaized with the date

# 2 > Refresh

Now in the SVN window, click 'refresh' and you will now see the folders which were moved around

# 3 > Create NEW trunk

Now that we have moved all our SVN history to a branch we can now COPY the same folder we just moved BACK to trunk

Right click on the folder you just created and choose 'Branch or Tag'

# 4 > Base folder

Click on the project folder (NOT branches) but up one level from branches
-> And below type with your keyboard 'trunk'
-> Add a commit message 

# 5 > Refresh

Click the Refresh button and you will now see a NEW trunk folder 

# 6 > LOCAL files

As a general rule I always ensure I do not delete anything until I have worked on the new system for a few days. 

so on your LOCAL files rename your TRUNK to 'delete-me'
-> This means you will keep all your local files but they will not interfere with the new system you are setting up 

# 7 > Checkout NEW trunk

Right click on the SVN repo
-> choose 'checkout'

# 8 > Choose project folder

Find the Project folder on your LOCAL computer and click choose

# 9 > Set correct path

Set the correct path, so your ONLINE svn repo matches your local file structure

# 10 > Browse SVN

browse the SVN tree using PHP-STORM

# 11 > Choose move

Choose move from the list