Clean Text

There are times when we need to use a GENERAL text box to add your content. This is a powerful feature but also allows to add unwanted formatting (or code) from other websites.
-> Simple TEXTFIELD and PARAGRAPH elements are not applicable

When pasting text into your general text boxes ensure you PASTE WITHOUT FORMATTING, but if you already have text that you want to clean please follow the instructions below to help solve this. 


# 1 > Paste WITHOUT formatting

Whenever pasting formatting into GENERAL (rich text) boxes ensure you paste WITHOUT formatting
-> MAC: to paste push SHIFT+OPTION+COMMAND+V
-> Windows: CTRL+SHIFT+V

# 2 > Select All TEXT
First select all text: click on the text once, then click 'edit' then click select all

# 3 > One Click Button

The easiest is to select all your text and click 'Format' => 'Clean formatting'
This will try it's best to clean up your content and remove foreign strange issues.

# 4 > Still Issues

If you still encounter issues we need to reset your structure.
Ensure your text is still selected
Then click 'formats'
Then click Blocks
First click 'paragraph'
Now again click 'formats, then click blogs NOW click 'DIV'
AND finally click 'formats', 'blocks' and click paragraphs

# 5 > Excessive enters or new paragraphs

When pasting in material be careful not to add excessive extra lines. 
-> This can happen when pushing enter many times as these will be registered as new lines. 

If you have long spaces of empty text check your code and ensure you do not have excessive enters below your text
-> Simple delete all the empty lines below your text

# 6 > Re-create (advanced)

You might want to recreate the text box
-> Copy the text from the LIVE website
-> Remove the element
-> Recreate the element
-> Paste back your text into the box

# 7 > Still Issues

You have now cleaner your text. If you still have issues we will need to manually adjust the content. Contact us for a consultation.