Upload files to the site using FileZilla

Step by step instruction to Upload the files using FileZilla

# 1 > Open FileZilla and create Newsite

Open FileZilla, Click File->Site Manager, Select "New Site" Button on Left Side Frame.

Name the site(Your selected project Name at the end). ex. testDevProjectName.

(If you have already created the site, skip #1,2 and 3)

# 2 > Get Host, user and password in your Task in Project Browser
  • On your Task in Project Browser, Click Passwords link.
  • Look for the prject under the Name column, Get Host, user and Password (Click on the Password button to get password)

# 3 > Add Host, user and password to the site

on filezilla, sitemanger window, make the following changes

Encription: -> Only use plain FTP

Logon Type: -> Normal

add host, user and password  you got from project browser

Click "Connect"

# 4 > Transfer Files from Local Site to Remote Site

After a successful connection, Select your Project  on Local site. (Left frame) and

Select www/test/dev on Remote site (right frame).

(if you have already created the site ahead of time, open site manager link under "File" and select the site name to connect)

Now you are ready to transfer files from Local Site to Remote site

Drag the folder you want to transfer from your local site and drop to 'DEV' Folder on Remote site