Reseller - Managing users and companies

UpdateCase features a reseller module so you can use our software and resell our solution with your own branding
-> You are able to manage your own customers and users
-> You are able to route your domain so your customers will login to your website (using our software)
-> We will support your staff with any questions and you support your clients

# 1 > Route domain

To preserver your branding you will need to update the sub-domain "site" on your domain to point to our servers
EG: http://site.YourDomain.com 

POINT TO (either or)



CNAME: http://site.updatecase.com

NOTE: We recommend that you choose CNAME so if we make changes to our infrastructure it will not require you to modify settings on your end. If you choose A-RECORD you might need to modify this number in the future when we modify our infrastructure. 

# 2 > Reseller access

Ensure your user has been set to be a 'reseller'
-> When you are after you login and you click 'Menu' you will see a 'reseller' link
-> Click Reseller

# 3 > Customers (groups)

You are now viewing all your customers which are assigned to your reseller account
-> Notice the green / red which is which APPS are assigned to each of your customers.
-> To modify a customer click 'Edit'
-> If you want to create a new customer click 'Add' on the top right menu bar

# 4 > Add/Edit customer

When you are adding or editing a customer
-> Choose the name
-> Click ACTIVE to allow the customer to have access
-> As a reseller you will only see one reseller in the dropdown (yours) 
-> Check box each of the APPS you want to give access for your customer

# 5 > Users

Next we will walk through how to manage the USERS on your account
-> Click the top right 'Users' to view all the users assigned to your account
-> Click 'Add' to create a new user
-> Click 'Edit' next to the user you want to modify 

If you want to create a password for your customer click 'Password'

# 6 > Add/Edit User

This screen allows you to modify the users on your account
-> Active: Allows this user to login and use their account
-> End Date: Allows to choose when the users subscription will end. If you want to give a user long term access simply mark a date many years in the future
-> Group: which customer should this user be assigned to
-> Name: The name of the user
-> User Type: You can either choose USER: your customers OR RESELLER: which is for your staff so they can help you out on managing
-> Email: This is the email which your customer will login as
-> Group: SHIFT + CLICK each of the customers you want this user to access. This allows you to create mutlple companies and then assign a user to manage multiple companies.