Going Live

Learn how to create a testing version of your site and later make them live 

# 1 > Delete old testing
Delete testing directory files (if there are any)

# 2 > Copy Live
Copy Live directory files to Testing

# 3 > Delete old testing

Go to updatecase and make changes to your site. After clicking "Mark Live", click "Test" in the top right to apply changes to Testing

# 4 > Result
Your changes should now appear on the testing site

# 5 > Moving Live files

Select all the files within the live site directory then click "Move selected" button

# 6 > Creating a backup folder

Navigate to your "backups" directory and create a folder. Naming it the current date (e.g. 2015-05-05) will allow you to find it more easily if something goes wrong.

# 7 > Moving to backup

Go into the newly created folder and click the "Select" button (this will move the current live website files into this backup directory)

# 8 > Move Testing
Select all the files in Testing, click "Move selected"

# 9 > Last step

Navigate to the live directory and click "Select" button to move Testing files to Live