Install PhoneGap on ios device

# 1 > Get UDID from iTunes

->Plug your phone to your local computer
->Open iTunes, Click Summary and look for UDID of the device (if a popup questions about trust device, click trust)
->Copy UDID and save it for now.

# 2 > Add Device

-> Navigate to https://developer.apple.com/ and login.
-> In Undologic Apple Developer Program, Click "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles"
-> Select Device from Left Menu and select 'All'
-> Click the "+" from Top right

# 3 > Register Device

->Under Register Device section,
->Select 'Register Device' and Give a 'Name' and paste the "UDID number copied from iTunes summary"
-> Click 'Continue'

# 4 > Add Provisioning Profiles

From Provisioning Profiles -> All
-> Click "+" sign From Top Right

# 5 > iOS App Development

Select iOS App Development and Click 'Continue'

# 6 > Select App ID

-> Select the Given 'App Id' and Click 'Continue'

# 7 > Select Certificates

Select "Select All" and "Continue"

# 8 > Select Device

Select 'Device Name' You created and 'Continue'

# 9 > Save Profile and download

-> Give a name to profile, 'Continue'
-> Click 'Download' and Save it in your 'Local Computer'

# 10 > Adobe PhoneGap - Sign in

-> Navigate to "https://build.phonegap.com/"
-> Sign in using the user and password from ProjectBrowser( look for passwords for adobe)
-> Click on your App name

# 11 > Adobe PhoneGap - Add Key

Add Key (Can be added in 2 ways)
 Option - 1 . 
-> Click on the drowpdown list next to ios and click 'add a key'

-> a. Give a key name
-> b. Upload certificate (download updated certificate from dropbox and save it in local computer. Now upload this file here)
-> c. Upload provisioning profile ( upload the profile you uploaded and saved it before)
-> d. Click Submit

Option - 2 
->Click Account on Top Right (People icon) ->Edit Account
-> On top Menu select 'Signing keys' ->Click 'add a key' under 'ios' -> Now follow steps a-d from Option 1


# 12 > Adobe PhoneGap - Unlock and Build key

-> Next to the key just created
-> Click the  'padlock' to unlock it
-> Type in the password and click 'Submit key' ( password will either given to you or can be found in projectbrowser -> passwords)
-> Click the key from the dropdown to build the key ( ensure there is no error showing)

# 13 > Update iphone

-> In your iphone 
-> install QR Code Scanner
-> Double click QR Code Scanner and scan the code from phoneGap screen in the computer
-> Click 'Open in browser' button
-> Click 'install' in popup window
-> Now you have phoneGap app installed in your phone

# 14 > PhoneGap Server Address

-> In your Computer, Open the PhoneGap Server -> Click right arrow to run the server
-> Copy exact address address in the bottom

# 15 > Connect phoneGap in Iphone

-> Double Click PhoneGap app in your iphone
-> Add the server address you copied
-> Click connect