Extra space / large gaps / How to remove

If you encounter issues where you have large gaps in your content or empty space. 
-> Follow the steps to remove

# 1 > Preview

In UpdateCase -> the editor, ensure you did not add large gaps at the bottom of your content. 

When you are viewing all the elements -> roll over each 'Preview' and notice any that are very LONG (extends below the screen view)
-> This is an indication that a lot of space has been added to the bottom of one of your locations 

# 2 > Fix

Edit that element and remove all the empty space BELOW your content. 

Move the cursor BELOW your text
-> CMD + SHIFT + DOWN (then push the delete key to erase it all)
-> Delete all the space BELOW by pushing DELETE key (if you do not have a delete key push FN + Backspace) this will take longer

Now all the space will be remove below your content and you can save and approve. 

# 3 > Fixed

After you click 'Save and Approve' you should notice that your text block does now have white space below your content

You can now PUSH to your website and it will update on your website and you will not have any large gaps anymore. 

REPEAT for all the locations / elements on the page until all the space is remove.