Translate content to another language

Adding French content to your Setup Case website is easy. After you finalize your english content simple duplicate locations into french.


# 1 > Choose location
Choose your location you want to convert to french

# 2 > Duplicating elements for translation

Click 'duplicate' on each element you want to convert to french. If you leave a element out it will continue to display on the website in english.

# 3 > Add in French content

The element now appears in the 'fr-ca' box. You can click the name of the element you would like to change and add in the french content

# 4 > Small word translations - view

There are some features on UpdateCase which require a different system then the normal method of adding content in a second language. 

That is why UpdateCase features a small word / phrase Translation method. 

Notice in the 'All' page there is a location 'Translations'
-> if this is not created ask your developer to install this on your website

Click on the location
-> Then click on 'edit en->fr'

# 5 > Small word translations - edit

You can now add key-pairs of english > french words

Simple add the english word that is used on the software
then >
then the french equivilent word

After you PUSH the french word will now be visible on the place on the website
-> Eg if you are changing a Menu item called Home, you would add 

NOTE: if the word does not appear in french after you have pushed, you will need to contact your developer to integrate this feature into your website.
-> You can also contact undoLogic support for any help.