Social > Creating company APP to use UpdateCase as a reseller

UpdateCase features a reseller program so you can offer our services to your customers using your branding.

Follow the steps to create your own APP on facebook

After you will be able to use UpdateCase to post to your social media network using your own APP

# 1 > Facebook Developers

Login to Facebook developers



# 2 > Create APP

Enter a public name that will be displayed within facebook
-> Add a email address that will be associated

Click 'Create APP ID'
-> Fill in the security number provided

# 3 > Created

Your app is now created
-> But we have to finalize some settings 

# 4 > Settings

Click on the left menu
-> Settings

Fill in:
-> Namespace: this is a unique name for your app (preferably with no spaces and no capital letters)
-> App Domains: Add the domain name which will be used to call the facebook app (This is your reseller domain name)
-> Privacy policy & Terms of service url: Add the website pages which give your company info here
-> App Icon: Upload a icon that will be displayed on your APP within facebook
-> Category: Add the category that pertains to the type of app you are creating

Click 'Save Changes'

# 5 > Add Platform

After you have clicked 'Save Changes'

Click '+Add Platform'
-> And choose 'Website'

# 6 > Fill in Site-url

Fill in the Site url:

This is the website which will be interacting with facebook
-> This is your reseller domain
-> Follow up with undoLogic support if uncertain 

Click 'Save Changes' when complete

# 7 > Add roles

To give access to undoLogic developers to modify the app and finalize for you
-> Click on 'Roles
-> Click 'Add administrators' and add 'Sacha Lewis Dmytruk' as an administrator
-> FYI: later you will see people in the 'Developers' section which are undoLogic staff that need access to modify the app on our behalf

# 8 > TEST

Our team now has the ability to setup and test your app
-> Send an email to undoLogic support 
-> We will now test and verify your app is ready 

After we have finish the integration
-> It is time to submit your app for review so it will be accessible to your customers. 

# 9 > APP Review

After undoLogic has finlized the integration with the APP into UpdateCase we are ready to submit your app for review
-> Click 'App Review'
-> Click 'Start Submission'
-> Checkbox the Types of api calls which are required for UpdateCase: 
Business_management, email, manage_pages, public_profile, publish_actions, publish_pages, user_friends



# 10 > Add required docs

All the permissions which you chose in the previous step are now displayed
-> Each permission needs documentation for facebook to approve

Note the requirements at the bottom of the page

Facebook requires a screencast showing how the app will be used
-> You can use our Vimeo video just mention in the notes that your site is a reseller of UpdateCase 
-> Click download to download to your computer and upload to facebook where required

-> There is also a link that displays the steps which the app completes here

Copy and paste this paragraph into the submisssion process to explain how this app a 'white-label' solution works


RESELLERNAME is a reseller of ‘UpdateCase’ APP_ID: 1480311878655356
-> Which has previously been approved.

This app will use the exact same functionality but is offered as white-label and will be branded using their own marketing, domain name, logos etc. 

This app gives the ability for customers to post custom content on Facebook along with images and links. 
-> The web service facilitates customers to logon add custom content 
-> Post single post immediately or schedule to post later (one-time only)
-> The app displays the recent posts

Here is a link which displays step by step how the user is instructed to setup Facebook

And here is a link which goes step by step including a video how the user actually posts content on their social media feed



When complete click 'Submit for Review'

# 11 > SUCCESS

We are done !

Wait a few days for Facebook to review and approve your app

If you have any questions please follow up with undoLogic support and they will be able to help in anyway they can.