Setting up translations

# 1 > Prepare in software

First we need to prepare the translation system on the software itself

-> Login to UpdateCase.com
-> Navigate to 'All' pages

Create 'Translations' if it does NOT exist. 
-> Create an element called 'en->fr'



# 2 > Translate

Create 'en->fr' if it does NOT exist (ensure the element field type is: paragraph)

Click 'Edit en->fr'

# 3 > Add

Now add all the translations (one per row)
-> English on the left and french on the right
-> Ensure you separate each word with '>' (without quotes)
-> Add as many rows of translations as you need

# 4 > Add PHP code

On the website PHP source files add the following

Anywhere you want a phrase / word to be translated simply add

$updateCase->Translate('Word To Be Translated')

Ensure in the previous step you add 
Word To Be Translated>Mot à traduire
Then when you view this page depending on which language the website is set to the correct language will appear

If NO Translation is set the original word / phrase will appear.