Windows > Install BASH

Windows allows you to install BASH on the command line
-> This allows to run linux commands on a windows machine
-> This is very useful when you want to configure servers, svn, git etc. 

# 1 > Settings

In the search box (bottom left)
-> type in 'Settings'
-> In the windows settings type 'developer'
-> Click 'use developer features'

# 2 > Developer mode

Click the radio button
-> Choose 'Developer mode'

# 3 > Accept

Accept the popup
-> click yes

# 4 > Reboot

You now need to restart your computer

# 5 > Enable

Click on the search box
-> type turn
-> Click 'turn windows features on or off' from the popout
-> A new window will appear
-> Checkbox 'Windows subsystem for linux (beta)'

Click OK

You might need to restart your computer again 

# 6 > Start

To open 'Bash'
-> click search (bottom next to windows logo)
-> type 'bash'
-> in the popup click 'Bash command'

# 7 > Terms / Setup

The first time you start bash
-> You need to type Y to the agreement
-> It will then download updates (this might take some time)
-> Type Y to continue
-> Create your user-name
-> Create your password

You are now at the command line and you are ready to use LINUX commands on WINDOWS !