How do I convert to french

You can convert all your english content into french content (and vice versa)

Simple follow the instructions below how to duplicate your content that is already setup in english to french and you can then change the content into french.

# 1 > English Text

We will be changing the title 'we help you' into french.

# 2 > Login to UpdateCase.com

Login to UpdateCase and navigate to your desired page and click on the appropriate element. In our example we are modifying the About us page and the Left element.

# 3 > Duplicate into FRENCH

Click the button 'duplicate to FR-CA'. This will duplicate all your English elements into French elements. So we can then modify the french one's to display on the website.

# 4 > Edit the French element

Click the blue button to edit the title in the FRENCH section.
In our example we are modifying the title in the french section (button)

# 5 > Edit the French content

Click 'udpate live content' as you would normally to modify the content.

# 6 > Paste in your french content

Erase the english text and paste in your french text into the box. In our example we are removing 'we help you' and changing to our french text: 'Nous vous aidons'

# 7 > Mark LIVE

Click the mark live button so the text you just changed will be ready to push to the LIVE website.

# 8 > Push to LIVE

Click the green button 'PUSH' which will push all your changes to the live website.
NOTE: if you are testing first, you can push 'Test' and this will push the changes to the testing website.

# 9 > Updated

Now on the FRENCH website the title will be changed into your new text.
Repeat with all the other elements on your website until you are done.