Duplicating a Page / Blog

This goes through how to duplicate a PAGE or a BLOG though updateCase.com 

Blogs are technically PAGES in updateCase.com

# 1 > View BLOGS

First we want to filter our pages in UpdateCase to only view our BLOGS
-> Click on the top 'Filter pages by tag' and choose 'BLOG'

# 2 > Duplicate Page / blog

Now we are only viewing our blogs
-> Click 'Duplicate' on the Page / Blog you would like to duplicate

# 3 > Update

You are now able to modify the new Page/Blog
-> Name: this is the internal name which displays in updateCase.com
-> Slug: This is the PUBLIC link which search engines will use to index your site. The slug is updated when you change your name, but you can also customize this as you wish 
-> Leave the check box on Blog, so the new page will also be classified as a BLOG
-> Date: this can be changed to sort your public blogs
-> Click 'submit' when done to complete the changes

# 4 > Completed

You now have a NEW page/blog in the list
-> You can now modify the content as you normally would 
-> When complete PUSH to publish your new BLOG on your LIVE WEBSITE