Translate content to same language (swap text)

Some locations that are hard coded in updateCase into your website
-> You can use the Translation engine to add a french word
-> However you can also use the Translation engine to SWAP TEXT from english to english. 

EG if you have a menu icon which says 
-> Who we are
-> And instead you want to have it say 'More about us'

Follow the instructions to create a translation 'en->en'
-> So you are SWAPing text from english to english

NOTE: if you want to translate content use the other instructions instead. 

# 1 > Public website

Notice on this website the MENU is hardcoded to be 'Who we are'
-> We want to change the text instead to be 'More about us'

# 2 > UpdateCase

Login to UpdateCase
-> Navigate to the page 'All'

# 3 > Edit

Click on the LOCATION: Translations
-> Then click on 'en->fr'

NOTE: if en->fr is not created
-> click 'CREATE ELEMENT' and create an element with the type 'paragraph'

# 4 > Update

Add the original string which currently exists on the website
-> Followed by '>'
-> Then on the same line the new phrase that will be displayed

Who we are>More about us

# 5 > Public website

After you 'PUSH' changes to your website
-> Notice the phrase has now been updated 
-> English was swapped to another english phrase