UpdateCase.com includes a social media plugin that is available as an add-on.

This system allows you to post to multiple social media networks at one time as well as many other features.

Follow the steps below to setup / manage your account, post articles etc.

# 1 > Navigate

To access the social media system click on 'Menu' -> 'Social'

The first time you start no accounts will be setup so you need to click 'Settings' to add your social media accounts.

Note: if you do not see social in the menu please follow up with Support to add social to your account.

# 2 > Setting

To first setup your accounts simply click 'manage accounts'

# 3 > Add new account

Click 'Add New' from the top to add a new social media account

# 4 > Add

From the drop down 'network' choose which social media network you would like to setup.

Add a internal name that will allow you to distinguish between your social media accounts.

# 5 > Authenticate

Now that you have added a social media network you need to authenticate to gain permission to post to this network.

Simply click the 'Authenticate' link.

# 6 > Facebook

You are now redirected to Facebook where you are allowing UpdateCase permission to add posts on your behalf.

Click 'Continue as your name'

# 7 > Select Audience

Facebook allows you to select your audience that UpdateCase will be able to post to.

By default it will be set to friends, however you would setup special lists so that UpdateCase.com will only be able to posts to specific lists.

After you have chosen your desired list click 'OK'

# 8 > Post to pages

UpdateCase allows you to post to Pages that you administer through Facebook.

Simply click 'OK' to give permission for UpdateCase to post to your Pages as well as your personal page.

# 9 > Authenticated !

You now return to UpdateCase.com with a message 'Authenticated' meaning you are ready to post !

Note: if you have an error it will display in the orange message. Please contact our support if you have any errors and we will help you out.

Click 'Social Home' to begin posting !

# 10 > Feed

You are now viewing your feed.

To start posting click 'Compose'

# 11 > Compose

To compose you need to:

-> select which social media network: If you have multiple networks you can select multiple networks
-> Add text into the text box that will display publically on your social media feed
-> Add a link if you want to include a link on your social media feed
-> Click 'POST' to post to your public feed

# 12 > Facebook -> Feed

After you have clicked 'POST' you notice that it has been posted on your feed !

NOTE: notice that the post is posted to your feed using the audience you selected during setup. This can be changed in settings at anytime.

# 13 > Settings

Click on the top down arrow in the top menu -> Settings

To change settings about UpdateCase.com

# 14 > APPs

From the left side menu click 'APPS' which displays all the apps which are associated with your facebook account.

Rollover the app and click the 'pencil' if you want to change any settings how UpdateCase can interact with Facebook

# 15 > Remove

If you want to remove UpdateCase from Facebook, you can click the X (remove) link on the app screen.

You will then get a prompt informing you that you will be removing this app from Facebook.
You can re-add this later from UpdateCase.com

Note: If you choose to 'delete all....' this will remove all posts from Facebook that were posted using UpdateCase.com. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE and even if you re-add updateCase to facebook all the history of posts will be posts.