Swap content between video / fullscreen image

When a video element is active you will be able to see the video
-> When you ADD another element 'fullscreen_image' the video will then NOT show and the full screen image will show instead. 

# 1 > Default behaviour

When the system is setup the video will display by default.
-> You will see an element called 'video' which you can change to paste in another embed from vimeo / youtube

# 2 > CREATE NEW Fullscreen popup

The easiest is to DUPLICATE a previously created 'fullscreen_image'
-> then change the text and images for this popup 

Simply click 'DUPLICATE' on the group you want to copy to a new version

# 3 > Fullscreen - website

When you click the thumbnail on this version you will see instead of a video that appears
-> You will now see a fullscreen image.
-> You can change the other text as you normally would

# 4 > Manually - add fullscreen #1

If you want to change the popup so INSTEAD of a video appearing a fullscreen image will appear 
-> On the group you want to change -> click 'Add element' on the group you want to modify

# 5 > Manually - add fullscreen #2

Fill in the following information:
name: it needs to be exactly 'fullscreen_image' (without the quotes)
Element field type: select 'image'
Width: set to 1200 (or different if you need)
Height: set to 798 (or different if you need)