This goes through the steps to configure UpdateCase to work with TWITTER
-> This will allow you to post directly to your Twitter social media account using UpdateCase

# 1 > Begin

When you start using UpdateCase first click 
-> Settings

This will allow you to setup you accounts

# 2 > Settings

Click 'ADD' to add your twitter account

# 3 > Fill-in

Name: This is the internal name which is used for identification purposes
Network: Use the dropdown to select 'Twitter'
Click SAVE

# 4 > SAVED

The twitter account is now added
-> However it still needs to be Authenticated

Click 'Authenticate'

# 5 > Authorize

You are redirected to a screen which gets you to authenticate UpdateCase to be allowed to post on your behalf to Twitter

# 6 > Connected

You are now CONNECTED to Twitter

Click on 'Social Home' to start tweeting 

# 7 > Feed

You are now viewing all your recent Twitter Feeds