Manage Groups

Groups are used to efficiently organize your website

1-Images: Groups allow to create a gallery and add new images to the gallery by simply duplicating an item of the group and changing the image.

2-Text List: Groups allow to create text lists so that to create a new item on the list you can simply duplicate a group which makes a new list item appear.

# 1 > Image Gallery

In this example groups are used to display multiple images with titles.

Each group has an Image and text description.

# 2 > Modify Groups

Logon to UpdateCase and find the "Grouped Elements" which you want to modify

# 3 > Add NEW Grouped Item

To create a NEW grouped item
- Click 'Duplicate' on an existing grouped item
-> This will create a NEW item with the same structure 

# 4 > NEW grouped item ready to modify

The grouped element was duplicated and you now have a new grouped item
-> Now you can click on each BLUE button to change the elements of this group

NEXT click on the appropriate blue button to either REPLACE IMAGES or CHANGE TEXT 


# 5 > Sort Groups

If you wish to sort the groups, you can simply click the yellow gear (settings)
-> Add a new number which will sort all the groups ascending