Add Google Analytics

UpdateCase allows to add the google analytics code to your website. 

The process is simple, copy and paste the code to updatecase and after our developers initiate on your website it will be connected. 

Please provide us with your google email, so we can add you to the account and give you access. 

# 1 > Overview

Google Analytics provides an overview of your website. This gives insights into how many, when, how visitors access your website. 

This can provide valuable information for your marketing campaigns.

# 2 > Detailed Analysis

Provides detailed view of the traffic on your site

# 3 > Navigate to the SEO section of the ALL page

After you login to updateCase -> view your website -> click on SEO on the ALL page. 

NOTE: if SEO does not appear you can click the link to set it up. 

# 4 > Edit

Below english and french there is a section 'All languages'

Click 'edit' to modify the text

If this element doesn't exist click 'create element' first

# 5 > Create

When you are creating the google analytics element, ensure you fill

-> name exactly, even capitals "Google Analytics" 
-> Element field type => paragraph
-> Language: 'All languages'

Then click submit

# 6 > Modify text

After you click 'edit' click 'modify live content'

Note: if this is the first time you need to click the link to create revision

# 7 > Paste code

Simple paste the google analytics code into the paragraph box

Then click 'Save, approve & push'

The code will now appear on the live website
NOTE: This requires the developer add the following code to the layout of your website:

<?= $updateCase->loadPageBySlug('All'); ?>
<?php if ($updateCase->exists("SEO", "Google analytics")): ?>
<?= str_replace("<br />", '', $updateCase->getContentBy("SEO", "Google analytics")); ?>
<?php endif; ?>