Admin - send a book to your customers

This will allow you to send a link to your customers
-> So they can download a book

# 1 > Navigate to the correct book

First navigate on the public website to the correct book
-> Click on which book you want to email to your customer

Eg click 'Download as ePub' if you want your customer to download the ePub book

# 2 > Enter master code

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your master code
-> For security we suggest this is changed regularily 

Enter the master code in the 'Key' box
-> If you leave the EMAIL BLANK : the book will download to YOUR computer in DOWNLOADS

If you enter an email address 
-> And then push download book -> An email will be sent to the email address with a LINK that allows the customer to download

# 3 > Email

If you entered an email in the previous screen
-> This email will be sent out
-> This email will come from 'store@lindaleith.com'

You can change this email within UpdateCase
-> Page: Books - Location: Purchase_email

# 4 > Download

After the user clicks the link within the email it will open a browser window and initate the download
-> The file will most likely be placed in the 'Downloads' folder