View your website traffic with Google Analytics

After Google Analytics is integrated into your website so you can monitor the traffic. 

# 1 > Login

First, go to https://analytics.google.com/. If you're not already logged in with your Google account, it'll ask you to enter your email.

# 2 > Password

Then you'll enter your password.

# 3 > Dashboard

After logging in, you will see the Google Analytics dashboard page. This provides a basic overview of the activity in your website's traffic.

# 4 > Audience

You can access the various sections in Google Analytics by clicking the menu on the left. For example, Audience pages help us understand more about your users (such as where they live...what language they speak..etc).

# 5 > Real Time

Want to see who is on your site right now? Click the "Real Time" link on the left to get an idea of who is presently accessing your site.

# 6 > Support

For any questions please contact our support!