Replace Image

UpdateCase allows you to replace images on your website easily without any technical experience.

Peace of mind as our software will allow you to crop your image after upload to the predefined aspect ratio to ensure your website stays consistent and automatically resizes to the correct image size. 

# 1 > Replace Image

Find the image on your website you want to replace

# 2 > UpdateCase - Find image

Logon to UpdateCase.com - Sites - Manage site - All Pages - Page - Location - Element

In our example we are navigating to All Pages - Home - CustomSoftware - image

Click the blue "Image" button to replace

# 3 > Choose Image

You are able to add images by either: browsing your computer and finding the image on your hard drive OR pasting a link from an online website address.

Leave the checkbox "adjust height automatically to new uploaded image" unchecked to keep the current image height and you will be prompted to visually crop your image to fit
-> OR check the checkbox and your new image will NOT be cropped

Click 'Upload' when you are ready to upload

# 4 > Crop Image

Adjust the edges of the square to adjust the crop and choose the best crop

You can see the final result of your crop to the top / right

When you are done choosing the crop click 'Crop and Save'

# 5 > Image Changed

The image you uploaded has now been replaced on the LIVE website