How to create blog authors

How to add blog authors to the bottom of the Blog detail page

# 1 > Author section

This tutorial will show how you can add new entries to the "Authors" section on the Blog detail page

# 2 > Locate page

At the top of the page you can click 'Templates'

Now only templates will appear

Navigate to the Blog page, then click the "Authors-group" location

A popup will appear 

# 3 > Duplicate the location

A popup will appear
-> Click 'duplicate' at the top of the popup

# 4 > Settings

Ensure the name is "Authors-group"
-> a plus might appear remove the +

Use the dropdown to find the page OR BLOG which you want to add authors to

Click Submit

# 5 > Added

You have now added the authors to the BLOG

Now you can use UpdateCase to find that blog and you can now edit who the authors for this specific page are