Add temporary content on your website and display/launch by date

UpdateCase features a system where you can add temporary content without modifying your current content. 
-> This is great for holidays where you can setup your site to AUTOMATICALLY change content. (No more staying up to midnight just to initiate a sale)

# 1 > Initial

Here is an example where we want to change the right side images for our boxing day sale. 
-> We want our sale to start at mid-night on the 24th of November for our Black friday sale and change to different images. 

# 2 > UpdateCase

Simple login to UpdateCase
-> And navigate to your page you want to modify. In our example it is the home page.
-> We will be having our 'Banner-right' change during the time, -> click 'duplicate' on this location

# 3 > Alternate content

To create alternate content
-> Simply ensure your location name is the exact same EXCEPT add ':::DESC'
-> Choose the date this element will take priority and when the element will stop taking priority. 

So this means our original location was called
And for our black friday sale it will be

NOTE: the words 'BlackFriday' can be anything it is just for a desc

The system will consider both these names the same anything including and after ::: is to create the alternate content

# 4 > Change content in location

Now that you have created a separate location with all the exact same information
-> You can quickly change pictures, change text, etc. 
-> You are not changing the original location so you don't have to worry about destroying your current website.

In our example we are uploading new pictures to replay our regular pictures
-> So we are clicking 'men' to change the english men picture, then we are clicking 'women' to change the english women picture
-> We are also changing both pictures for the french website as well. 

# 5 > PUSH

Now push your changes to your LIVE website
-> As long as you added a date after your current time/date, the content will NOT display until that time/date

# 6 > TEST

You can test to see what you website WILL look like in the future

Simply add to the end of your live website link


so for example: 

You can also use time of the day as well
?testDate=2017-11-25 10:00:00
eg: this will display what the site will look like at 10 o'clock in the morning 
www.domain.com/eng/pages/home?testDate=2017-11-25 10:00:00

ALTERNATE language:
-> if you want to test the alaternate language simply switch languages and then add the same '?testSite=201.....' to that url as well