Checkout an old version to compare

If you encounter issues and want to checkout an older version "known good" and compare.

This allows to run both projects at the same time and verify the code between both. 



# 1 > Get the revision number of the known good state

Open your current project using PHP storm:
-> right click on APP -> Subversion -> Show history


# 2 > Find known good state

Look at all the history and find the KNOWN good state
-> Take note of the Revision NUMBER

# 3 > Terminal

Open terminal and navigate to your projects directory
-> do not go into TRUNK


cd ~/_WEB/updateCase.com/simucheck/

~/ means your home folder on your mac
_WEB this might be different on your computer, use finder to discover the names

# 4 > Checkout OLD version

We are now in a folder outside of trunk, so we will now checkout the files from the old version

svn checkout -r #revision# https://svn.undologic.com/updateCase.com/PROJECTNAME/trunk ./OLDFILES/.

#revision# to the revision number you noted in the previous step

PROJECTNAME to the name of the project you are working with

OLDFILES will be created so you know this will contain the older files


# 5 > Docker

We need a NEW copy of docker which will allow us to see BOTH old and new versions of our project

Simply run this command to get the latest version of docker from our _template

svn export https://svn.undologic.com/updateCase.com/_template/trunk/docker docker/.

# 6 > Start docker

Stop the other docker you have running

And now start the new docker your downloaded
-> This will allow you to see both versions old and new