Editing Store Locator Listings

These instructions will go over how to edit the list of stores in the "Store Locator" list.


# 1 > Login to site
First, you'll need to login to your site in Updatecase. Then click 'Places' in the left side slide out menu.

# 2 > How to get to LIVE list
Open the left side menu again, this time click 'LIVE'

# 3 > Export list
To download the list, click 'EXPORT TO SPREADSHEET'

# 4 > View downloaded file
You should now see the downloaded file locally on your computer.

# 5 > Editing a CSV file line

To delete (or move) a line, click the line number to the left of the content and it should highlight the row. Then you can right click and delete or edit the line.

Once you've finished, save your file.

# 6 > Importing the new CSV
Back in your browser, click 'Import' in the left side menu.

# 7 > Choose file

Click 'Choose File' to select your new CSV.

Click 'Upload File' after you've done so.

# 8 > View uploaded file
Click the name of the file you just uploaded.

# 9 > Process new file
Process the results by clicking 'PROCESS LAT LNG...' button.

# 10 > Testing Map
To view the results in the Testing mode, click "Testing Map".

# 11 > Testing Map results
A new tab will open with the new CSV results laid out in Testing mode.

# 12 > Upload Testing results
Next, click 'Testing' in the left side menu.

# 13 > Mark places for live site
Click 'MARK PLACES LIVE' to push the Testing store locations to your live site.

# 14 > Verification

Now that you have pushed all your changes to the LIVE website, it is time to verify that it is all working. 

Use googlemaps.com and lookup that location you entered
-> Then find another business that is nearby the new location (click on it)
-> Copy the postal code from google maps

go to the LIVE website of the customer and ensure when you search for a nearby postal code the new place you entered shows up

# 15 > Website

Now when you lookup the postal code that is nearby the new place you added
-> Notice your new location DOES show up, so we know it all is working !