Customer pay flow

Here is the steps a customer takes to complete their process.

# 1 > Book

After a customer chooses a book
-> They click on the TYPE of book they want to buy (Physical, ePub, Mobi OR PDF)

# 2 > Buy link

They are now on a screen that displays the transaction and what they customer will pay
-> The customer clicks 'Check out with paypal' or any of the credit card symbols 

# 3 > Paypal

They now arrive at a paypal window
-> They have 2 options

LOGIN with paypal
Pay with debit / credit card (allows to pay without creating a paypal account)

# 4 > Pay with credit card

After the user clicks pay with credit card
-> they need to fill in all the personal information 

Then at the bottom click to pay

# 5 > Approve

They are then presented with the summary of the order
-> They then click 'Return to merchant'

# 6 > Contact

They then get a message when back on LindaLeith.com
-> The order is in progress
-> They are on the contact page so they can follow up if they have any questions

# 7 > Automatic email

After a few minutes paypal will automatically connect to LindaLeith.com (in the background)

And initate an email to be sent to the customer
-> this has links to download the book
-> This email will come from 'store@lindaleith.com'

You can modify this email in UpdateCase
-> Page: Books - Location: Purchase_email (for the downloadable)
-> Page: Books - Location: Purchase_email_physical (for the mailed versions)


# 8 > Download

After the customer clicks on the link in the email
-> Their default browser is opened and it auto-downloads to their DOWNLOADS folder on their computer