Reseller - Testing Social Media using Facebook TEST accounts

As as resller you will want to test the social media module to a great extent. 
-> Use TEST users to post content without affecting your personal page at all

This will allow you to get very familiar with our system before you can start working on your live facebook account


# 1 > Create test user

Login as yourself (admin) to facebook.com
-> After you are logged in navigate to 'developers.facebook.com'
-> This is where you can manage your APP
-> Click Roles -> Test users

# 2 > Create password

Click on 'EDIT'
-> Then choose 'change the name or password for this user'
-> Set a password you would like to use

This is the test user account allowing you to post anything so you do not modify your actual real facebook account

# 3 > Login as TEST user

Now that you have created a test user
-> Logout as yourself
-> Login to Facebook as the test user

# 4 > Logged in

You are now logged into the TEST account

Notice it has Company Pages (left side), so you can test posting to company pages

You can also do everything you would do to a real facebook account. 

# 5 > Login to UpdateCase

You can now login to UpdateCase.com 
-> So we can practice posting
-> If you have a reseller domain connected to UpdateCase -> login to UpdateCase using your reseller domain name

# 6 > Switch to Social

After you login click on 'Social'

OR navigate from any page
-> Menu 
-> Social

# 8 > Visible on TEST account

Your posts will appear on the TESTING account and NOT your real facebook account

Test it out and get to understand all the features from UpdateCase without adding any content to your personal facebook account

When you are done testing, you can logout of this test account and into your real facebook account again