EMAILS: How to export your emails to a CSV file

After adding all your emails to UpdateCase you can easily export these emails to a CSV file which you can open in your favourite spreadsheet program. 


# 1 > Login

After you login to UpdateCase
-> Click 'Menu'
-> Click 'Emailers'

# 2 > View Groups

Click 'View Groups' 
-> for the group you would like to export from

# 3 > Export

Click 'Export to CSV' from your desired group
-> This will open a popup that will ask you where to save this file (normally it saves to your downloads folder)
-> On the popup choose 'save as' and click OK to begin the download

# 4 > Downloaded

The file was now downloaded to your DOWNLOADS folder
-> OPEN your downloads folder to find the file that was downloaded

NOTE: Some browsers download the file as .HTML if you see a .HTML as the end of the file simply change this to .CSV

# 5 > OPEN file

To open the file right click on the file and choose 'open with' and choose your favourite spreadhseet program
-> We recommend LibreOffice.com (it is great for managing CSV data)

# 6 > File type

When you open a CSV file you need to disclose to the program the type of file
-> Ensure you choose 'Comma'
-> Then click 'OK' to open the file

# 7 > Spreadsheet

You have now opened your file in LibreOffice
-> You can now view / manage all your emails / info