General How-Tos

# 1 > Books graph into italics

To have books paragraph have italics
-> find the book -> 3-Middle -> click settings on the element 'text' change to 'general'

# 2 > Books status

On each book there is a status that can be added to add info about that book 
-> Find your book
-> Location: 3-Left
-> Element: status

If it doesn't exist simply create a 'textfield' element

any text added here will appear in a nice blue colour connected to the book thumbnail on both the books (overall page) and the book (specific page)

# 3 > Create book file

To add the PDF of the ebooks

Navigate to the book
Click on 3-Buy
Create element

One of the following (notice the _ underscore / all small very important)

Type is File
-> upload

Type is File
-> upload

Type is File
-> upload

# 4 > French books

To create a french book, simply DUPLICATE a FRENCH book.
-> then change the content (text / images)

The logic behind how this works:
- English books have english elements
- French books have french elements,

If you had a book you wanted on both languages you would just add elements in both languages,
-> Or you could 'copy to FR/ copy to EN' from the elements you already have

but you will notice that when you look at a french book all the elements are just with one lang,