Security - How to secure your account

Your UpdateCase subscription includes tools to help increase the security of your account and prevent unauthorized access. 

This includes
- Adding 2 Factor authentication
- Securing your local devices
- Secure Email connections with SSL
- Audit Logs

# 1 > 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

This will add a layer of security so even if your password is compromised, no access to your control panel will be possible without the device that setup the 2FA

You can follow the detailed instructions here:



# 2 > Securing your local devices

It is very important that you keep your devices which connect to the email very secure. 

We recommend that you lock your device with a good password / biometics and ensure your device is wipped if the password is entered 10 times incorrectly
-> This ensures that even if your device is lost or stollen no access will be possible to your device
-> Ensure you have good backups so you will not lost any important data if the device is indeed wipped after 10 unsuccessful tries

Here is a good resource about good device security


# 3 > Secure Email Connections

It is very important that when you setup your email you use the secure connections to the server
-> DO NOT CONNECT with unsecure (NON-SSL) connections

If you are using IOS, you can use PROFILES which install the account in a secure manner and passwords are not stored in this file
-> The password will be prompted once when you setup only

Here is detailed info about email setup


# 4 > Audit Logs

The control panel features audit logs, so you are able to view all the important activity to your account
-> I.e. new email setup or modifications to your email

This gives peace of mind so you can quickly review and ensure no suspicious or undesired modifications were completed to your account.

You are also able to setup notifications so if ever a change is made you can be alerted.

From your control panel
- Security -> Action log 
- Security -> Security Notifications