How to create a Mobile APP and read data from an UpdateCase website

# 1 > Install phonegap - for MAC computer

Navigate to https://phonegap.com
-> Click Get Started
-> To install phonegap,click 'Download for MAC' (if you are using windows, Click "Windows")

# 2 > Restart phonegap

-> To see the updates open phonegap and click the 'Green arrow' to run 

# 3 > Install phonegap Cont'd

-> Double click on 'PhonegapDesktop.dmg' to install 

# 4 > Copying to Application

Drag phonegap to Applications

# 5 > Open phonegap from Application

->open phonegap (finder->Applictions)
->Accept to open phonegap in security window

# 6 > Error - Opening

if it does not open,
-> Go to System preferences ->Security & Privacy -> Genenral -> Click the button to open 


# 7 > Check out project files

->Check out your existing project from version control to add to phonegap

# 8 > Adding project to phonegap

To add project,

-> You can create a new project or open an existing project already created for phonegap

# 9 > Open Existing project through phonegap

In phongap, click 'Open existing PhoneGap Project'
-> Navigate to the project you checked out and open

# 10 > Updating project Files

-> to Update files,
-> In your Editor, open the project and do whatever changes you would like to do


# 11 > View the changes made

-> Now you can see the changes thate were made