SEO Plan

# 1 > gtmetrix.com

Run site through https://gtmetrix.com/ to find ways to optimize.

# 2 > Find relevant keywords

Brainstorm Keywords using Google Instant 

Start typing keyword ideas into Google and see what phrases are suggested.

# 3 > Page content

a) Add Meta tags and description

b) Make sure headers on page are h1…h2 at least (h5 shouldn't exist without h1/h2/etc)

c) Add alt description on images

# 4 > Off-page SEO

Link your website from any guest blogs you write. Finally, add social media share buttons and kick it off by sharing it yourself!

# 5 > Google analytics

Add Google analytics to help track trends

# 6 > Google search console

Run it through Google search console (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home) as well to see if it can offer any extra insights.