Setup and install SEO

Managing your SEO with UpdateCase websites is a simple process. Simply login to our software and add / edit the meta data for each page. 
-> Anything technical which is required to your website can be completed by our web development team.

# 1 > Locate page on UpdateCase
Go to update case and locate your page, click on View Page

# 2 > Install SEO (First time only)
The first time only 
-> Click on “Install SEO”
This will install the minimum meta tags for your SEO
NOTE: Any other advanced SEO tags please email support@undologic.com and we will install for you

# 3 > Press button

Next to EACH page, you can click “SEO” which will bring up the fields that you can manage.

# 4 > Edit content
Click on “edit” to alter an element, hover on it to show actual content
-> Here you can modify the English content at the top and the French content at the bottom.
ADVANCED: If you want to modify the size of the text box, you can click 'settings' and do so there.

# 5 > ADD (First time only)
The first time you setup your SEO, you will see 
"Create now"
Simply click this button to create the field.

# 6 > Enter text and save
Enter content in the field and click "save"
-> This will populate in the correct Meta tag location.

# 7 > Save to website

By default each time you save it is in EDIT mode and will not be displayed LIVE

To make content LIVE (available online) -> Click on "mark live"

# 8 > Push changes to website

All the changes you complete will NOT be displayed on your LIVE website until you click 'PUSH' (green button)
-> this will move all your current changes to the LIVE website for your customers to view

If you would rather send to the TEST website for internal review you can click 'TEST' 
-> this will upload to your TEST website and NOT to your LIVE website. 

# 9 > - - - Advanced: Programming
The following steps are intended for technical programmers. This shows how to install the SEO into the website code.

# 10 > Locate layout name in layout controller

Instructions to add SEO on page

To do this, there is PHP code to add in the of the web page.

How to find the tag (it is well hidden in the file tree):

In the project tree, go to app->Controller

Find the controller that has the name of the layout (in the case of UpdateCase, the controller is called “Layout02Pagescontroller”) and look for the function named “function beforeFilter()”

Between the brackets of that function, look for the variable named “$this->layout = ‘someName’” (in this case, the layout is named ‘layout_02’), this is the name of the file that contains the tag

# 11 > Locate layout name in AppController

If the variable is not defined there, go instead to the controller named ‘AppController’, the line “this->layout” will be in the beforeFilter() function of that file (in this case, it reads “$this->layout = ‘default’;”)

# 12 > Add code to tag
Go then to the actual layout file: app->View->Layouts->layoutName (the name that was written in the controller)

Open the file and add the following PhP code between the head tags:

<title><?= $updateCase->getMetaTitle(); ?></title>

<meta name="description" content="<?= $updateCase->getMetaDescription(); ?>">

<meta name="keywords" content="<?= $updateCase->getMetaKeywords(); ?>">