Add images to blog

The new blog system now allows to have an image dedicated to each post

# 1 > Chose blog

Find the blog you want to modify
-> Click 'View Page'
-> Then click 'Article' (the location)

# 2 > Create element

At the bottom of the popup
-> click 'Create Element'

# 3 > Fill-in

Fill in the following information

Name: image (ensure it is all small letters)
Element Field Type: image
Width: 374
Height: 200

Click Submit

# 4 > Upload image
  1. Fill to output
  2. Click Choose File
  3. Click Save and approve

# 5 > Image Uploaded

The image is now uploaded 
-> and the size of the image has been automatically adjusted

# 6 > Add images into the content

You can also add images into the BODY of the article. The process requires the following
- Add ':IMAGE_1' into the body where you want an image to appear (without the quotes)
- Upload an image but ensure you put 1 into the Group By (image uploader)
- That's it the image will now appear 

-> You can add more images. For example :IMAGE_2 would call the group 2, and :IMAGE_3 would call the group 3 and so on
-> The easiest is to duplicate a group with an image and then change the image