PHPstorm - Upload files with FTP

How to setup PHPstorm to be able to upload files using FTP

# 1 > Enable Remote Host

The first time 'Remote host' might not be activated

  1. Navigate to Tools
  2. Deployement
  3. Browse Remote Host

# 2 > Credentials

Enter your credentials 
-> Ftp host: eg ftp.domain.com
-> User name
-> Password

Root path
-> ensure this leads to the folder on the server which has the dev files (you can click the ... to use the file manager to do this)

Checkbox 'save password'

# 3 > Setup Mappings

Click on the second tab to configure the mappings

Ensure the local path
-> leads to the 'trunk' of your project

Ensure the Deployement path on server ....
-> Leads to the remote folder for DEV files (becuase you already set the root path in the previous step you can leave this /)
-> If you did NOT set the Root path in the previous step you would need to set the path to the dev files on the remote server

Leave Web path /