Revert changes using SVN

If you have removed something in your code and days later you want to restore it, you can use SVN to revert portions of your code to an ealier commit version

# 1 > Open the file in PHP storm

Open the file which you want to bring back a portion of the code using PHPSTORM
-> Right click on the code
-> Click Subversion
-> Click compare with...

# 2 > History

You will now see a list of the previous commits that were made using SVN
-> Click on the commit which still had the content (that you want to revert to)

# 3 > Compare and merge

A window now appears
-> this allows you to merge the old content with your current (local)
-> Simply click the double arrow in the center pointing from the 'read-only' to 'local' (This will bring back content from the past into your current [local] code)